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TruthSeekah | Mystic Mind

The word Alchemy is derived from two ancient terms, El in the Hebrew (Elohim) meaning God or Deity and the word Chemistry. Therefore the term means Divine Chemistry - Manly P. Hall Later Alchemy became to be known as the transmutation of base metals such as lead and...

Beauty Of A Thousand Suns | TruthSeekah | 333 | HQ Audio + Lyrics

Beauty Of A Thousand Suns | 333 I’m Inside on my spiritual high and I’m being led by my the spirit of God, Jah Only divine can interpret the signs of all the things that wander and of the things we find that hide Come and walk up in the spirit as we travel as our...

i RETURN | TRUTHSEEKAH & HOPE MEDFORD | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 333 I'm returning to the place of my birth I'm returning to the belly of the earth back from the future to heal my hurt as I look within I begin my search I took a dose and I found my hope the medicine is better when it helps me cope Who am I?...


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